Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dhosa-idli batter/dosa-idli batter

idli dhosa batter
idli dhosa batter

Black gram/urad dhal/ulutham parupu
1 cup
Raw rice(to get crispy dhosa)
½ cup
Parboiled rice (pulungal arisi)
1 ½ cup
½  tea spoon
As required

Rice and urad dhal should always be in 2:1 ratio. Pulungal rice and Raw rice ratio should be 3:1.
How to prepare dhosa-idli batter:
  • Wash the dhal and rice for 3 times and soak it separately with sufficient amount of water for 4-5 hours. (soak both rice together)
  • Drain the excess water from urad dhal after 5 hours and grind it along with fenugreek using required amount of water for 25-30 mins. Consistency is when you feel like a butter remove it from grainder.
  • Then grind the rice with enough water for 20-25 mins (use the soaking water).
  • Mix both the batter together along with required amount of salt with your hands.
  • Keep it over night in room temperature, so that it will ferment properly. You will see the bubbles and batter will be rised. Mix the batter and its is ready for making idli/dhosa.

idil dhosa
idil dhosa

  • If you want to soak the fenugreek soak it along with rice, because we use black skined urad dhal. So if fenugreek is soaked with dhal it may be rinsed out while washing out the black skin.
  • For variety dhosa such as masala dhosa, rava dhosa, onion roast, coconut dhosa ect the batter should be sour. For that use the batter on the second day for this dhosa.
  • If batter stored in room temperature it will give golden color.
  • For soft idli keep the batter in refrigerator for 3-4hrs before making idli.
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