Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fish curry/Meen karutha kuzhambu - village style

fish curry
fish curry

This is good home remedy for acidity. Especially for the women after their delivery this will help to heel the hurts quickly. For them we can add more omam.
¼ kg
1 tea spoon(or more)
Dry ginger powder
½ tea spoon
Shallot/small red onion
Black pepper powder
¼ tea spoon
Chilli powder
As required
Coriander powder
1 tea spoon
Asafoetida powder/hing
¼ tea spoon
As required
As required
Curry leaves
Mustard seed
½ tea spoon
Fenugreek seed
¼ tea spoon
3 table spoon

meen karutha kuzhambu
meen karutha kuzhambu

How to prepare Meen karutha kuzhambu:
  • Roast the ajwain till the aroma rises and set aside. Also roast the garlic in oil till light brown and transfer to a plate.
  • Now fry coconut along with shallot in oil. At last add the dry ginger powder, chill powder, black pepper powder, coriander powder, hing, few curry leaves, ¼ tea spoon of mustard seed, fenugreek seed, roasted ajwain and garlic.
  • Allow them to cool and grind it to fine powder and add required amount of water and grind into fine paste.
  • Clean the fish and keep it ready.
  • Dissolve the tamarind and salt in water and add the grinded paste in it.
  • Temper the mustard seed and curry leaves in oil and add the above dissolve water in it. 
  • Also add the cleaned fish and allow to boil till it gets cooked and become soft.
  • This is a good combination with rice, dosa, idli etc..
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Treatntrick Treat and Trick said...

I love your preparation for fish curry, it looks awesome!

divya said...

looks very yummy n tempting curry...

Swasthi Blank said...

Hi Pragathi! Thanks for visiting my space. using dry ginger powder for fish is very new to me. Will try sometime. Thanks for sharing

kareena Shaikh said...

Very nice recipe, Thank you so much.
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