Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ulunthu kali/Black gram Porridge/Ulunthangali/Urad dhal kali

ulunthu kali
ulunthu kali

This is the healthy food suggest by our grand mother for women and especially for the young girl those who entered into there adulthood.
Black urad dhal(splited)
½ cup
Raw rice/pacharisi
¼ cup
Fenugreek seed
¼ tea spoon
Black jaggery/brown sugar/karupatti
1 cup (or more, grated)
Gingelly oil/ghee
4 table spoon
4 cup

How to prepare ulunthu kali:
  • Grind the Black urad dhal, raw rice and fenugreek seed together into fine powder.
  • Dissolve the brown sugar in one cup of water and filter it. (The water may be at room temperature or warm)
  • Now add the remaining 3 cups of water with this jaggery water. Add the grinded powder little by little with the water and dissolve with hand without any lumps.
  • In a pan add the gingelly oil/ghee and add the above dissolved mixture and stir it continuously till it reaches the semi-solid state.

  • This will absorb the sweetness so add more karupatti according to your taste.
  • You can also add the jaggery instead of karupatti, but it wont give the taste of kali as our grandma prepared for as.
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Reshmi Mahesh said...

Ulunthu kali is new to me...Looks yum..

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