Thursday, November 22, 2012

Idli-dosa milaga podi/ Idli-dhosa spiced lentil powder

This is one of the popular traditional side dish for idli and dhosa in tamilnadu. This will be spicier and can be used with any kind of dhosa or idli.


Red chilli
Few (as required)
Curry leaves
A hand full of leaves
¼ tea spoon
Coriander seeds
¼ cup
Black gram/urad dhal/ulutham parupu
1 cup
8 pieces
Bengal gram/kadala parupu
½ cup
Sesame seed
1 tea spoon
As required
1 table spoon

How to prepare spiced lentil powder:
  • In a pan roast the urad dhal, bengal gram, coriander seeds, sesame seed, asafoetida, salt separately without using oil.
  • In the same pan using oil fry the garlic, red chilli and at last fry curry leaves.
  • Now grind every ingredient together to prepare the spicy lentils.
  • While using with dhosa or idli add oil/ghee and make it like a paste and serve as a side dish.

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