Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chocolate milkshake


Chilled milk
1 cup
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream
2 serving spoon
Cocoa powder
2 table spoon
21 tea spoon
Chocolate sauce(optional)
2 tea spoon


How to make chocolate milkshake:
  • Boil the milk, allow it to cool.
  • Chill the boiled milk in refrigerator till you start to prepare.
  • In a blender add Chilled milk, sugar, Cocoa powder, chocolate sauce along with ice cream and blend it smoothly.
  • Transfer this to a serving glass. 

  • Place a scoop of ice cream while serving.
  • Add grated chocolate on the top if required.
  • Add few drops of chocolate sauce with spoon along the side wall of the glass for making it presentable.

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