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Thavuna podi-kiramathu samaiyal-village recipe

thavuna podi
thavuna podi

This is a traditional indian side dish used especially in village. so its an village recipe. Its used as a side dish for rice, variety of dishes using bread ect. Its also helpful a remedy for indigestion. If you feel irritated or having vomiting sensation (retching) due to your full meal you can eat ¼ tea spoon from this which will over come this.

thavuna podi ingredients
thavuna podi ingredients

Red chilli
Few (as required)
Curry leaves
A hand full of leaves
½ tea spoon
Coriander seeds
A hand full of seeds
Black gram/urad dhal/ulutham parupu
A hand full of dhal
15 pieces
As required
Bengal gram/kadala parupu
A hand full of gram
As required
2 table spoon

How to make Thavuna podi:
  • In a pan fry urad dhal without oil till it turns light brown and set aside.
  • Then fry Bengal gram without oil. When it becomes light brown set it aside.
  • After that roast coriander seeds till its aroma changes, and transfer it to plate.
  • Then fry the asafetida slightly.
  • Now add oil in the pan fry skin peeled garlic till brown. Remove it to a plate.
  • Then fry the red chilli and set aside.
  • Now fry the grated coconut. When its color starts to change add curry leaves and fry till the coconut becomes brown.
  • Add the salt and tamarind along with this and grind everything altogether in mixy.
  • Now the thovuna podi is ready to use with our foods.
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