Monday, December 17, 2012

Shahi Kimami Sewai/Paal Semiya Kesari-Eid Special

Shahi Kimami Sewai

Shahi Kimami Sewai is a sweet recipe made out of vermicelli cooked in milk, which is an Awadh dessert, special during Eid season. This is an enriched version of paal semiya kesari. You can also add milk powder, condensed milk, mawa etc to enhance the taste according to availability. 

When Kimami sewai served with rabri its known as Rabri Muzafir which is a Mughali Cuisine. In this recipe I also have provided like for Rabri.

The recipe can be simplified with only 2 cups of milk for 1 cup of  vermicelli which wont taste rich still taste good like simple paal semiya kesari. 

Click here for full recipe.

Shahi Kimami Sewai

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